Prince A. Sanders

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Prince A. Sanders

The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody’s Good at Something. The sequel to Which Forks First is based on actual events from Prince A Sanders’ life. This story embodies two major themes that are commonly faced in today’s society; The journey to discovering one’s personal talent or skill while having the courage to do what they love, even when being bullied.

The Story

Everybody‘s Good at Something shows the unwavering love of a Mother who guides and encourages her son with a little help from his furry pet hamster, Popcorn. Overall this book empowers young children to have confidence when they don’t quite fit in. Today’s youth must be encouraged, supported, and loved for themselves as they discover their purpose. Prince A Sanders is passionate about the social development of children and empowering them, through story, to handle some of life’s more difficult lessons. The perfect book for parents, grandparents, teachers, and any adult that cares about the challenges of today’s youth. Everybody’s Good at Something is written for children of all ages. 


Prince A. Sanders

Enter the magical world of a little boy with a big imagination in Prince A. Sanders’s delightful debut, Which Fork’s First? From the very first page of this unique children’s book, kids will learn proper table manners while embarking on a whimsical romp through the Big Apple! The first in the Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince series, Which Fork’s First? introduces six-year-old Prince, a smart and curious little boy who lives with his mother, father, and brother in New York City. Along with his hamster and constant companion, Popcorn, Prince embarks on a series of adventures that ultimately teaches him some of life’s more puzzling lessons.

It is Prince’s birthday, and his family has surprised him with the best gift of all: tickets to a Broadway show and a fancy, grown-up dinner at the New York Hotel. Prince is over the moon, but quickly learns there is a catch. In order to dine at such an upscale eatery, Prince must learn proper table etiquette—and fast! Accompanied by engaging illustrations that will simultaneously spark children’s imaginations while sending them into fits of giggles, Which Fork’s First? follows Prince’s often hilarious road toward politeness as he tries to keep the forks, glasses, and napkins straight, and learns that anything is possible with the help of his family and trusty sidekick.

About the author


Prince A. Sanders is currently the Managing Director at Park Lane New York, a hotel in New York City. A former ballet dancer who entered the hospitality industry after an unexpected injury, Prince is known for his charisma and love of people. His communication skills, however, extend beyond his workplace. He loves sharing his story, which inspired him to write The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince. Prince wanted to create something that would spread love and joy for years to come. He hopes that children can learn valuable lessons from his book, and that they will be encouraged to spread joy wherever they may go. 

Prince A. Sanders uses much of his childhood and family as his inspiration for The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince. He is significantly impacted by members of his family, such as his mother, and wanted to honor them by including their likenesses in his story. 

The character of Prince also shares many of the author’s character traits. He is curious, determined, and he views both the ordinary and the extraordinary in life as an adventure. Both characters share a great love for the city they call home and a deep  devotion to their families. 

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                   A Message from Prince

Hey! My name is Prince.

People often say I’m curious… almost as curious as my pet hamster, Popcorn (almost). I live in New York City with my mother, father, and brother. Being a kid can be really exciting and I’m glad you get to come on this adventure with me!

This is my life — sometimes it’s extraordinary, sometimes it’s ordinary, but it’s always an adventure worth sharing. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Follow Prince and His Friends!

Popcorn the hamster is a man’s best friend – at least he’s Prince’s best friend. Growing up isn’t always easy, but it’s a lot better when you have a trusty sidekick like Popcorn by your side.

Whether he’s roaming the streets of NYC, helping Prince learn important table manners, or hiding amongst some of our favorite landmarks, Popcorn is always excited for an adventure and the chance to help out his main man – Prince.


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