The end of 2020 into 2021 left many in a vulnerable state. I witnessed my Country and several parts of the world divide politically and become highly charged by the cry of racism and social injustice. I found  friends apologizing to me for my struggle, although most of them would not really know any of the struggles I’ve actually faced. It led me to contemplate and evaluate my current state and some of the milestones I have overcome during my own personal journey.

I began to ask myself tough questions such as, how have I experienced and dealt with racism, have I experienced hate, have I missed an opportunity because of my race, sexual orientation or beliefs and finally, how did I navigate through those waters in my mission to find success?

When I thought back on the the most formable years of my child hood, the largest and most consistent influence in my life was my mother.  A single parent that sacrificed everything in her adulthood to ensure I had love, education, opportunity, culture and positivity.

Yes, I would face adversity but there was something that my Mother made me truly believe each and every day. That I Am Extraordinary! That I could be anything I could dream and that I might have to work harder and smarter than someone else to achieve it. My Mother shared her knowledge and personal stories with me and maintained open communication by asking about my experiences while providing advice as I encountered roadblocks. I believe that love and support played a great part in influencing the man I have become today.

As schools are returning to in-person learning, now more than ever, it is important to support the next generation and encourage them to have confidence in their individuality and reach for the stars.

I began writing children’s books so I could help people, specifically children, through my life’s experiences. In my recent publication The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody’s Good at Something, I address discovering my personal talent while having the courage to do what I loved, even when being bullied.

If my writing helps just one person and aids them on their journey, it will be worth the time spent on my books creation. At the very least, I hope everyone reading this blog will join me in my campaign during the month of October (National  Bullying Prevention Month) by sharing the message I’ve lived by and  portrayed in my writing

“I Am Extraordinary” and encourage someone to share their story, believe in themselves and dream their biggest, most extraordinary dreams.